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Friday, January 16, 2009

Will Oscar come to India?

Will A R Rahman win an Oscar? For the answer we have to wait, watch and hope as no one knows that today. But two things are certain even today, that he is most deserving candidate to win this award and after winning ‘Golden Globe’ he is just inches away from the glory of Oscars. ‘Golden Globe’ is seen as precursor of Oscars. And Rahman has got strong will power of one billion people backing him and hoping for his success.

But thinking of Oscar we should not forget to celebrate this moment also as ‘Golden Globe’ is also one of the top most honor anybody can get in showbiz. So we can not underestimate his achievements and enjoy it irrespective of his winning the Oscar or not. He always mad all of us Indian proud but when he received such internationally acclaimed award we feel even more proud of him. He is musical genius and is a true ‘Mozart of India.’ He is brilliant at what he does and he is doing it consistently for about two decades now. His success lies in his versatility. He had created some unforgettable romantic, soulful composition but at the same time he is able to create many feet tapping numbers too. He has big fan following in India who always waiting for his next creation eagerly. He is the best and busiest music composer in India who always gives original music. The word original should be highlighted in bold letters as it is a big achievement of him when we are considering current Indian composers. Because many of the Indian composers’ inspirations come easily and so naturally that they never realized that they are copying someone else’s creation.

A R Rahman already won many national and international awards in his flourishing career. If you want to find out nearly unending list you can visit A R Rahman’s official website. And this list is going to be longer and longer in coming years. But ‘Golden Globe’ award is in many ways special for him and for Indian music as this will put both of them on the top of International music radar. Both of them get the recognition internationally what they deserve from long time. And if he wins Oscar it will be icing on the cake. Actually before this award I used to think why we wait for any international awards or Oscar for that matter. We have our own 1 billion people and awards of our own. Why do we care about Oscar so much? But I must admit watching A R Rahman winning the Golden Globe and accepting the award thrill me never the less. And it is the biggest talking point for not only news channels but for general public. And what was more thrilling and exciting was A R Rahman’s speech after winning the award. He didn’t forgot to thank one billion people of India because he knew how much it meant for Indians.

A R Rahman is in a true sense ambassador of India and Indian culture. He is down to earth, and humble although little bit of arrogance from his side would have been neglected by everyone as he on top of the world. So let’s cross our fingers and hope for the Oscar but he is already a winner in our hearts.

P.S. : Whenever I think of A R Rahman first thing comes to mind is the song ‘Vande Mataram’ sung and composed by A R Rahman. Whenever I listen to this song I always gets goose bump and I am sure all the Indian feel the same.