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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Movie Review: "Sorry Bhai"

Movie Review: “Sorry Bhai”

Director: Onir

Cast: Sharman Joshi, Chitrangada Singh, Boman Irani, Shabana Aazmi, Sanjay Suri and others..

“Sorry Bhai” is a new movie directed by Onir. Onir is a director who made movies like ‘My Brother Nikhil’ and ‘Bas Ek Pal’. Onir always comes up with distinctive and very complex emotional subject. This time also keeping up with his own trend Onir come up with another distinctive, complex and hard to digest subject for Indian audience. But because it is hard to digest and shocking it seems interesting. Onir chose this time story of a guy who falls in love with his brother’s to be wife. The plot promise too much but movie could not fulfill those promises.

“Sorry Bhai” is a story of a confuse guy played by Sharman Joshi who is a scientist and believes that every object in this universe has its own life. His motto of life is to prove these theories to world by making a wooden dog fly. As he is so involved in his research he is always absent minded. Then there is his brother played by Sanjay Suri who is workaholic kind of guy. He is settled in Mauritius. One day out of the blue he calls up his family for his wedding. Obviously the mother played by Shabana Aazmi is angry. But movie gets interesting when Sharman joshi, Shabana Aazmi and Boman Irani playing Sharman and Sanjay’s father went to Mauritus. They met the bride to be played by Chitrangada Singh and all of them made up there mind about her. Boman had taken liking for her and Shabana dislike her immediately. And Sharman falls in love with her eventually. And how they convince each other and the family about their love is the story.

For me movie didn’t click, as I said earlier there was so much scope for director to explore the complexity of the situation but which he totally failed to achieve. After movie end I was wondering why the hell character played by Chitrangada start liking and loving Shrman’s character. You could never see any romance developing in between them not even any sexual intimacy. It is failure of their chemistry as well as screenplay. It was clearly justified when the girl didn’t want to marry Sanjay Suri’s character. As he is just after money and ditches her every time, he even postpones his wedding day for his work. So it was understandable that she didn’t want to marry him. But why she select his brother was not clear. It looked like because she wanted to run away from Sanjay’s character she took immediate possible option. It was like anyone but him.

The movie could have been a boring drag if Boman Irani wasn’t present in the movie. His presence made the film enduring. He was coming after every scene otherwise I had to walk out of theatre even before interval. Boman is in his usual best jovial performance. His pairing with Shabana azami will surely be there in many coming movies. Both seasoned actors compliments each other really well.

Sharman Joshi did well but this is not his best work or not anywhere closer to it. Sanjay Suri gave as usual competent performance, without any flaws. Chitrangada Singh did her comeback after 2-3 years. Lot of people say she looks lot like Smita Patil. She might look like her but in acting department she is nowhere close to the legend. She has lot of things to work on.

As for Onir only thing I can say to him “Sorry Bhai” but spare me next time such a movie. Music of the movie is almost not present. Good music could have made movie somewhat tolerable.

If I have to rate the movie I will give 4 out of 10.