Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Movie Review: "Sorry Bhai"

Movie Review: “Sorry Bhai”

Director: Onir

Cast: Sharman Joshi, Chitrangada Singh, Boman Irani, Shabana Aazmi, Sanjay Suri and others..

“Sorry Bhai” is a new movie directed by Onir. Onir is a director who made movies like ‘My Brother Nikhil’ and ‘Bas Ek Pal’. Onir always comes up with distinctive and very complex emotional subject. This time also keeping up with his own trend Onir come up with another distinctive, complex and hard to digest subject for Indian audience. But because it is hard to digest and shocking it seems interesting. Onir chose this time story of a guy who falls in love with his brother’s to be wife. The plot promise too much but movie could not fulfill those promises.

“Sorry Bhai” is a story of a confuse guy played by Sharman Joshi who is a scientist and believes that every object in this universe has its own life. His motto of life is to prove these theories to world by making a wooden dog fly. As he is so involved in his research he is always absent minded. Then there is his brother played by Sanjay Suri who is workaholic kind of guy. He is settled in Mauritius. One day out of the blue he calls up his family for his wedding. Obviously the mother played by Shabana Aazmi is angry. But movie gets interesting when Sharman joshi, Shabana Aazmi and Boman Irani playing Sharman and Sanjay’s father went to Mauritus. They met the bride to be played by Chitrangada Singh and all of them made up there mind about her. Boman had taken liking for her and Shabana dislike her immediately. And Sharman falls in love with her eventually. And how they convince each other and the family about their love is the story.

For me movie didn’t click, as I said earlier there was so much scope for director to explore the complexity of the situation but which he totally failed to achieve. After movie end I was wondering why the hell character played by Chitrangada start liking and loving Shrman’s character. You could never see any romance developing in between them not even any sexual intimacy. It is failure of their chemistry as well as screenplay. It was clearly justified when the girl didn’t want to marry Sanjay Suri’s character. As he is just after money and ditches her every time, he even postpones his wedding day for his work. So it was understandable that she didn’t want to marry him. But why she select his brother was not clear. It looked like because she wanted to run away from Sanjay’s character she took immediate possible option. It was like anyone but him.

The movie could have been a boring drag if Boman Irani wasn’t present in the movie. His presence made the film enduring. He was coming after every scene otherwise I had to walk out of theatre even before interval. Boman is in his usual best jovial performance. His pairing with Shabana azami will surely be there in many coming movies. Both seasoned actors compliments each other really well.

Sharman Joshi did well but this is not his best work or not anywhere closer to it. Sanjay Suri gave as usual competent performance, without any flaws. Chitrangada Singh did her comeback after 2-3 years. Lot of people say she looks lot like Smita Patil. She might look like her but in acting department she is nowhere close to the legend. She has lot of things to work on.

As for Onir only thing I can say to him “Sorry Bhai” but spare me next time such a movie. Music of the movie is almost not present. Good music could have made movie somewhat tolerable.

If I have to rate the movie I will give 4 out of 10.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Movie Review: "Oye Lucky - Lucky Oye"

Movie Review: “OYE LUCKY – LUCKY OYE”

Banner: UTV Motion Pictures

Genre: Comedy

Producer: Ronnie Screwvala

Director: Dibakar Banerjee

Cast: Abhay Deol, Paresh Rawal, Neetu Chandra, Archana Puran Singh, Manu Rishi, Manjot Singh, and others

Music Director: Sneha Khanwalkar

Background Music: Dhruv Dhalla

Editor: Shyamal Karmakar

Story / Writer: Urmi Juvekar, Dibakar Banerjee

Like majority of people me and my friend was also not very keen to buy a ticket and go for “Oye Lucky” although promos shows some promise. This is just because of lesser amount of curiosity created by the project. For the most movies in the Bollywood biggest selling point is the star cast. And that’s where this movie lags behind. As Abhay Deol by no means a big star nor his past movies are blockbusters nor he is ever presented as female heartthrob or something. Personally I enjoyed his work in “Socha na Tha” and “Ek Chalis ki last local” but was that enough to fetch people to theatres. There was Paresh Rawal who once was big asset for any film but last year or so he does not have anything to rave about. In fact the USP of the film was that the movie is directed by the same man who directed “Khosala ka Ghosla” who wasn’t a blockbuster hit but good brilliant entertaining film. And that’s one of the reason we decide to go for this movie and other is there was not any other option that week.

“Oye Lucky” is a story of thief who robs just about everything from car, TV, music system, crockery, money, furniture. He also steals a Pomeranian dog. And while watching movie you don’t feel this is any sort of exaggeration. Movie is centered in heart of Delhi. Lucky is born and brought up in by lanes of Delhi. Movie shows journey of Lucky from his teenager days. It shows how he slowly and gradually took the world of robbery. It is story of lucky’s journey from middle class boy to popular thief who’s mode of operation is to rob the people with his sharp mind and wit.

It surely reminds you of BUNTY or BABALI. But it has its own unique pleasant points. Most refreshing, surprising part was acting of Manoj singh who was doing the part of younger Lucky. And frankly I won’t have mind if he carried on being older Lucky too. He was brilliant in whatever he did. His scenes with the card gallery girl and his first crush were some of the best scenes I had seen ever. I will eagerly wait for his next movie.

Abhay deol did good job. Paresh rawal was as usual gave powerhouse performance. He had opportunity to play three different characters in one movie and he did all the three roles equally brilliantly. But I think biggest winner in this movie is a director Dibakar Banerjee. He excelled big time after ‘Khosala ka Ghosala’. We should thank UTV that they are funding new subjects which are not by any means Bollywood masala movie. It is really appreciable that they do not fall for the traps of big star casts.

Music Director Sneha Khanwalkar did commendable job, her first film I think it was called “Run” was big disappointment but not this one. Cinematography and background score was at par with the best. And editing was simply brilliant.

There is so much more to talk about this movie but I will suggest you better watch the movie. That is more enjoyable experience. Eventually if I have to rate the movie I will get 8 out of 10.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Movie Review: "Galgale Nighale"

Movie Review: “Galgale Nighale”

Director: Kedar Shinde

Cast: Bharat Jadhav, Shiddharth Jadhav, Ramesh Deo, Ketakee Thatte, Santosh Mayekar, Kamalakar Saatpute, Vitthal Umap, Shahir Sable and others

Music: Ashok Patki, Vaishali Samant

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues: Mangesh Kulkarni

Producers: Bela Shinde

Presenter: Zee Talkies

“Galgale Nighale” is one of the biggest Marathi movie released this year. It had everything needed for any Marathi movie to be successful. To start with it is a comedy movie. Movie starred the two biggest comedy actors Bharat Jadhav and Siddharth Jadhav in Marathi cinema. Both of them are sure shot crowd puller. Bharat Jadhav’s Character ‘Galgale’ is lifted from a popular play “Sahi re Sahi” played by Bharat himself. This play and character Galgale is among the all time top in the popularity chart. So there was much more curiosity in people how will character Galgale is going to progress. Then this is Kedar shinde’s movie, who had brilliant past record. Then Siddharth Jadhav is in negative role first time in his career. Then the movie is presented by Zee Talkies. This one is there third movie after “Sade Made Tin”, and “De Dhakka”. Like these two movie Zee talkies made sure ‘Galgale’ will release in maximum theatres in Maharashtra, which is biggest task for any Marathi film makers. So this movie supposed to have everything in it to be successful entertaining movie.

All these factors do help to pull the crowd to theatres. But it could not fulfill their expectation. Frankly movie has been dragged unnecessarily so many occasions in the film you feel where this movie is going. After Sahi Re Sahi the character Galgale was adored by many people including me but it has been blown out of proportion in the movie so much so that it keep sour taste in the end. I sincerely hope that Kedar shinde won’t have touched it. In the opening introduction scene of Galgale only he was unbearable. There were some good moments but nothing new. I couldn’t see properly developed story. Of course Marathi movie never needed story what it needs is good screenplay and dialogues. And there is not much to rave about in these departments.

“Galgale Nighale” is a story of a insurance agent Galgale who has habit of to speaking to himself but in loud which he thinks no one else can listen. And this habit of his put him and peoples around him various strange situations. He falls in love with a girl played by Ketaki Thatte, who is from a gangster family. Then there is siddharth jadhav’s character who’s love for the Ketaki Thatte’s character is one sided and he goes all the notorious ways to win her love. Then there is a murder mystery in the movie.

Frankly there is nothing much to rave about this movie. Although there was some scope for the director and actors to create some hilarious moments but they fail to achive that. For the music part only one song was good and which had been used for promotion of the film. It was nice to see senior actor like Ramesh Deo and senior artist Shahir Sable being part of the film. It was also refreshing to hear some koli language in the movie; I am all in favor of using different flavors of Marathi language.

Overall I hope Kedar Shinde will come out of his bad form quickly and come back to his best. And I hope Bharat Jadhav will decide to come out of his image and will try something different next time, he is brilliant actors and much more potential to stick in one image. For the movie if I have to rate it I will give the movie 5 out of 10.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Movie Review: Uladhal

Movie Review: ‘Uladhal’ - Marathi

Director: Viswas Sarpotdar

Cast: Bharat Jadhav, Makarand Anaraspure, Ankush Choudhary, Siddharth Jadhav, Madhura Velankar, Aaditi Sarangdhar, Subodh Barve and Others.

Gener: Comedy

Music: Ajay Atul

The Marathi movie industry follows for success is either makes multi-starrer comedy film or makes an emotional family saga. And for many years now they are following the same trend except some movies like “Shwas”, “Tingya”, “Dombivali Fast” and others. This Movie “Uladhal” follows the same trend. Director – Producer Vishwas sarpotdar chose safest route for his first film by making comedy film that too with biggest names in Marthi Film Industry.

The movie revolved around ‘Dhaal’ (Shield) of gold which is considered to be of high exclusive heritage and so of very high value. It is belongs to Sayajirao (Makarand Anaraspure) and his prestigious family. This is the story about how this shield gets stolen and in the end how it has been recovered.

Movie is as funny as it supposed to be, very much entertaining. And it assures you good quality family time. All the actors are in there usual roles so they were very much comfortable doing their roles and doing it really well. Bharat Jadhav as usual comes with good performance with his immaculate comic timing. Siddharth Jadhav as usual does his mad character act very well but I feel like he could have been utilized little bit more. Ankush Choudhary, Aaditi Sarangdhar, Madhura Velankar does their respective roles as expected. Subodh Barve is getting too predictable in his negative role, it seems there is nothing more he can offer. He need to think about this hard before accepting negative roles as he is getting monotonous.

All this is good, but there is big blunder in casting Makarand Anaraspure as Sayajirao. I can understand the psychology of first time director – producer to cast biggest stars in his movies. So he can bring people to theatres. It is said that Makarand Anaraspure wanted to change his image in films so he accepted this role. This was big challenge for him; but he was never suited for this role in first place. He couldn’t pull it off although he is a brilliant actor and entertainer.

The movie was good but there was scope for to make it even better. Technically Marathi cinema is improving. Actors were always been top class. Movie is shot in Goa so it was pleasant to watch but they could have used it for their advantage more. Music of the film is so – so nothing great. Movie starts with a great song which was popular even when movie was in pipeline. So Music directors Ajay – Atul raise the hope but could not sustain it. In the end movie was good family entertainment it even seems to have budget for costumes because costumes of both the actress were considerably good.

If I have to rate the movie I will give it 6/10.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Movie Review: 'Dostana'

Movie Review: 'Dostana' – 2008 (Hindi)

Director: Tarun Mansukhani

Producer: Karan Johar

Cast: Abhishek BAchchan, John Abrahm, Priyanka Chopra, Bobby Deol, Kiran Kher, Boman Irani.

Music: Vishal – Shekhar

Genre: Comedy

“Dostana” which is very recently released is all in all good entertainer, it is mad comedy with little seriousness and little romance. It also dares to talked about the taboo around homosexuality.

If we have to talk about USP of “Dostana” it will be two guys who pretending to be gay, and there gay gags, Abhishek Bachchan’s superb comic timing, John abrahm’s hot body, Priyanka chopra in golden Bikini, peppy songs, and beautiful and exotic Miami.

First of all we should appreciate Karan Johar as he decided to come out of his stupid ideas around “K” letter. And now after “Dostana’s” success he and all the others like him infatuated with “K” will know that it is the content what really matters. Second thing he decides to take the homosexuality out of closet and treat it as a normal thing. We should appreciate the courage by Abhishek Bachchan and John to accept this kind of role and perform it brilliantly.

This movie is not at all about homosexual couple it is about two guys Sam (Abhishek Bachchan) and Kunal (John Abrahm) who just pretends to be gay to get a apartment. And after they get apartment they both fall in love with a landlady Neha (Priyanka Chopra). And there is Neha’s Boss (Bobby Deol) who also loves her. So in the end it is story about three guys chasing one girl and one of them gets her.

While watching movie first things come to your mind is the 'Kantaben' episode from Karan Johar's movie ‘KAL HO NAA HO.’ I am sure this movie idea has been derived from there. But in this movie takes ‘kantaben’ episode to next level.

Out of the star cast Abhishek Bachchan stands out big time. This is one of his best performances so far. He brings the house down in some scenes with his immaculate comic timings. The scene in which he narrates his love story with john is hilarious. After disappointment of ‘Drona’ this should urge him do selective and quality films. Priyanka Chopra did good job and gave 100 % to her role. She looks amazingly hot and sexy in every scene. This is her second successive hit after many flops so she must have been relieved. John Abrahm’s acting may be not that impressive he certainly could have done better but his physically being there in the film, did wonders for film. No one else could have managed that. Bobby deol was little dull. Boman Irani and Kiron Kher very small roles in the movie but the scenes involving them are the best of the film. Even the kid who played Bobby deol’s son was cute and lovable. Some of his expressions were brilliant.

Technically also movie was of top class, good cinematography, good music, good editing and good direction. And Shilpa shetty in opening song was very pleasing for eyes.

Overall it was entertaining and one of the very few good movies released this year. May not be the best but I think Abhishek Bachchan can easily get nomination for best actor in comic role and surely should win award for it.

If I have to rate the film I will give 7/10 and it very very good score.